About Us

EZTech is a Brazilian company, based in Rio de Janeiro.

Specializing in solutions for the automation of gas stations, it is also notable for the development of forecourt controllers and pump attendant identification. The use of our equipment in other countries such as the USA, Bolivia, The Dominican Republic, Barbados, Suriname, Colombia and Panama reflects our wide experience in automation solutions.

Counting on a team of versatile professionals, as well as on commercial partnerships with system-integrators, installation specialists and clients, we are tirelessly seeking the latest technologies to always be able to offer cutting-edge, versatile, stable and efficient equipment, which is well-designed and competitively priced, together with efficient, customized service.

Our Directors

Kelvin Ussher

Technical director

As an electronic engineer, Usher began his career in automation in New Zealand, where he worked for PEC and co-founded ITL, working on projects in South America, Asia and South Africa. In 2003, he founded EZTech, working with important clients such as Ipiranga, CTF and the Pão de Açúcar Group.

Ricardo Spinelli

Commercial Director

Spinelli is a civil engineer with significant experience in the commercial  sector of the oil and gas industry. He began working at EZTech in 2011 and since then he has been responsible for the commercial, administrative and financial areas of the company.