Invoice, performance of sellers, sales volume and fuel inventory quickly and simply revolutionizing your automation experience., integrated with EZTech’s products.

Management with intelligence and precision. Hit your fuel stock with inputs and outputs through your computer. By integrating pump automation with tank metering and environmental monitoring you have complete control of the fuel life cycle at your station.

Get closer to your fleet’s fuel control. Who, when, where and how much was supplied. Get all of this information automatically to maximize your earnings and minimize your losses through our stock control, vehicle and tank metering solutions. Ask for a quote.

Give your customers the most complete experience for sourcing points. Bring information and manage supplies, inventory, invoices, customers and prices dynamically. EZTech’s devices are multi-client and do local integration through our DLLs or in the cloud with our APIs. Just get in touch and get a development kit to be a partner.


EZTech Vision

Tank Metering

EZTech Vision is the market’s automation revolution because it fully integrates pump communication, tank metering and environmental monitoring. It comes in Wireless or wired options, integrated with the major pumps, management softwares and tank meters on the market. Its touch screen also brings a quick option for information visualization, bringing reports of shutters and stock […]

EZForecourt Plus 2GS


Wireless Leadership in the Market. This product is the primary solution for large gas stations that do not want to worry about infrastructure or communication failure. There is no limit of pumps or nozzles, EZForecourt Plus Wireless communicates with the pumps through remote terminals installed inside them. Integrated with the main pumps, management softwares and tank meters on the market. […]


Employee and Client Identifier

EZTech’s customer identification solution. Integrated with EZForecourt Plus or higher automations it has the ability to work autonomously with memory to manage and store up to 1,000 supplies without communicating with automation. This ensures it is more robust in the fuel station environment, eliminating the chance of stopping your fuel point in case of communication failure.[…]

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