See what you need as you need it. Fast, simple access via your automation system to invoices, attendant performance, sales volume and fuel inventory. Fully integrated with EZTech products, simply download EZMobile and register using your Android phone.


Intelligent, precise management. Check your fuel stock against fuel deliveries and sales on your computer. By integrating pump automation with tank gauging and environmental monitoring, you have complete control of fuel deliveries and sales at your gas station.


Closer control of your fuel supplies. Who delivered, when, where and how much. Receive all this data automatically, maximizing your profits and minimizing your losses using our solutions for deliveries, vehicles and tank gauging. Ask us for a quote.


Provide your client with a more complete fuelling experience. Supply information and manage deliveries, stock, attendants, customers and prices dynamically. EZTech equipment is multi-client, using our DLLs or our cloud-based APIs for site integration. Become a partner by contacting us and requesting a development kit.